Beautiful, tough and versatile, copper tiles can be used in a traditional decor or can add a contemporary component to a room design.


Copper works well in a lot of applications not only for its look, but because of its realism. It is impervious to weather and needs little maintenance. If left on its own it grows a beautiful reddish brown to green, protective patina. If covered with polyurethane or acrylic it recalls its shiny copper color and still needs little care.


The look of the tiles at http://www.belktile.com/antique-copper-mosaic-tiles/ can vary widely. They can be bright and shiny, antiqued or with a patina, patterned, hammered or plain. The selections are all readily available and astonishingly affordable seeing that they will perhaps never need replacement.


Copper Tiles in Home Decor

Naturally anti-microbial, copper is an outstanding kitchen surface. Accessible in various thicknesses or even reinforced with other materials, you can use copper tiles for most any kitchen application. You can find copper tiles that are appropriate for use as backsplashes, ceilings or countertops. The tiles can be used over large areas or as sophisticated accents.


A copper backsplash is the most popular use of these tiles but copper countertops are gaining in appeal. A copper countertop is ideal for someone who wants the look of metal but doesn't want the more common stainless steel. Read https://www.reference.com/science/stainless-steel-come-9419f5c49d48da7e to gain more info about metal tiles.


Copper is a softer metal and it does warp so for countertops it is firmly attached to a wooden backing. Copper is prone to change to a darker brown over time. This color change and any dings and dents that develop are often considered part of the beauty of copper, but if given a protective coating the color change can be avoided.


Copper ceilings are a very traditional application. Metal ceilings have charmed us for centuries. They remind us of lovely Victorian homes or old-fashioned general stores. Now available in a variety of patterns and sizes, copper ceiling tiles can add personality to many types of modern houses as well.


Using Copper Tiles for Roofing and Patios

Copper roofing tile make an elegant statement. They are as easy to install as regular shingles and are long lasting. They're completely recyclable, fire resistant and they age beautifully.



Because it is weather proof copper is very popular for patios and decks. The tiles can be used on outdoor tables, around fire bowls and as decorative elements on fences, check it out!